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The Axis Technical Group were recently featured in an interview with Ralph Gammon of the Document Imaging Report(DIR). Ralph is the Editor and Publisher of the Document Imaging Report Newsletter – a semi-monthly publication covering all the news and trends in the maturing document imaging hardware and software markets.

In this article, Ralph interviewed Kevin Ells, Director of Marketing, about “Solving the Unstructured Document Conundrum.”

A few weeks ago, Ralph was interviewing the CEO of another growing document imaging and management ISV who told him that although his company offered software for capturing data from structured forms, there really wasn’t much demand. He explained that although his clients certainly did a lot of scanning, the documents they were capturing weren’t structured enough to benefit from traditional forms processing.”

As noted by Ralph in the article “Axis Technical Group may have a solution. The Anaheim, CA-based ISV has developed technology for classifying and extracting data from completely unstructured documents. “People in the ECM industry love to say that their systems are made to handle the 80% of a business’ information that is unstructured,” said Kevin Ells, a capture and ECM industry veteran who was recently brought on board as Axis’ director of marketing. “When you are only automating capture of structured forms, it makes it very hard to achieve true ECM.”

This article discusses how the Axis AI advanced data extraction solution for unstructured content solves the challenge that many organizations face today capturing their most complex documents.

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