Windows 10 was released this year to the public in full production. It is the fastest growing version of Windows in a decade, and it is not surprising why, it is awesome.

Axis Technical is announcing that our Axis AI native application is fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. Axis AI is our flagship solution for classifying and extracting information from unstructured content. Axis Technical has also tested Axis AI with Azure RemoteApp to enable on-demand cloud scenarios.

The Windows 10 interface offers the best of both worlds for the desktop and mobile devices, providing powerful touch screen capabilities.   Some of our favorite improvements in Windows 10 include an improved Start Menu experience, balancing the Windows Live Tiles with a native and familiar expanding application menu.  The new TaskView brings faster and easier access to applications with Virtual desktops, great for developers.  The action center keeps you up with notifications and incoming content including emails, twitter updates, and handy tips to improve your Windows experience. It is easier to learn and find features that may have become lost on the previous release, unified settings make it much easier to modify and configure your hardware and user settings. Moreover, let’s not forget the touch screen settings, they are so good that you miss them the minute you switch back to your non-touchscreen computer.

At Axis, we want our team to be able to operate on the fastest and latest hardware at their disposal. By moving our team to the Windows 10 platform, they can run our native applications and development tools on the fastest and most advanced Microsoft operating system available.

There is one downside; now everyone wants a Surface Pro 4! Well, I guess you cannot win them all.