The #AIIM16 Conference in New Orleans is right around the corner. This will be Axis Technical Groups second time exhibiting at the event and we’re thrilled. We figured our blog would be a great place to share our excitement and post our Top Ten Reasons we’re excited to be attending. Feel free to comment and post your favorite reasons to be attending.

You can visit the AIIM site to review the agenda and the dozens of other good reasons, but here’s our top reasons.

1: Keynote Speakers

Industry insight from experts in information management including the Eric Qualman, Jacob Morgan and of course John Mancini President of AIIM

2: Solutions Lounge

Come join your peers, conference speakers, and our sponsors, as excitement builds for the start of The AIIM Conference 2016. Axis will have plenty to show, say and experience. Be sure to stop by, you won’t only walk away with richer insight into managing unstructured information, you might also walk away financially richer. Stop by to find out how.

3: Roundtables

Dozens of session’s laser focused on subjects around Document Imaging, Content Management, Search, Discovery, Laws and Issues

Axis own Sr. VP of Product Management and R&D Mark Warner will facilitate a session. Unstructured content refers to information that either does not have a well-defined or organized data model. The information is characteristically text-heavy but may contain data such as amounts, dates, and other variable information. This data often includes information critical to their business process and can assist organizations in making better decisions. Unfortunately, this content is often difficult to analyze and extract. We’ll facilitate the conversation with participants sharing experiences addressing and solving this critical challenge.

4: Industry Insights

Industry experts as they discuss their feelings into the future of the industry within the main topics of Automation, Governance, Insight topics.

5: The Party

They’re throwing a party New Orleans style. &Bring an appetite, because we’ll be serving the culinary delights of New Orleans. No one can, nor should, come to NOLA without eating Gumbo, Jambalaya, Crawfish, Pecan Pie… hungry yet?

6: Product Demonstrations

Meet with the experts and get hands-on insight into the applications and tools available for ECM. I especially recommend you visit the Axis Technical booth to see our solution for unstructured data capture and extraction.

7: Location

New Orleans right in the middle of JazzFest.  Are you kidding me?  How much fun can a person have in New Orleans, we’ll be lucky to get much rest at night.

8: Networking

From the moment you register and start adding social tags to your AIIM event app, there will be networking opportunities so you can develop or evolve professional connections with other information professionals who share similar responsibilities at other organizations. This is probably our #1 reason to attend. It’s what you learn from your peers that really makes these in person conferences so valuable. You can start the conversation today using the #AIIM16 hashtag and also follow the social wall on the AIIM event site.

9: Birds of a Feather

This is self-explanatory, and especially true in the Information Management space, we are a unique group of people. As we hear from our peers, we can be inspired, validated and even laugh together at similar stories of success and failure

10: The Unexpected

With so much talent in town you are sure to walk into an impromptu set in one of the bars featuring superstars like those playing during the weekends. Acts like Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Beck, Van Morrison, Trombone Shorty, Julio Iglesias, Herbie Hancock, Boz Scaggs and Elvis Costello to name a few are in all playing during the festival. Heck you might end up sitting next to one during your nights out for dinner. Be sure to Tweet when you find one. I personally wanna party with Beck, Snoop probably wouldn’t be a good call :).

11: Getting out of the Office

OK we went more than ten, but let’s admit it. Who doesn’t like to get out of the office once in a while, hopefully you won’t be making too many folks back the HQ jealous. Make sure you come home with lots of information to help their jobs too.