Axis AI is an Advanced Document Classification and Data Extraction Solution for Complex Semi-Structured and Unstructured Documents.

It Helps Organizations Save Time and Money and Speed Decision Making.

Information is Everywhere But How Do You Connect it to Your Business Process?

Databases are fine, but so much of your information resides on documents, in many cases paper documents. This information is often needed to be shared between business processes, applications and other documents.

The challenge is connecting this data between systems.

Digital data driven solutions can provide connectivity between applications but static data on documents isn’t as easy.

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There’s a Broad Range of Solutions Available Today

Software for automatically extracting data from structured and semi-structured content and documents, such as databases, websites, or paper-based forms—all of which can be easily read by machines using templates or sets of predefined or custom rules, has been around for decades.

A Large Percentage of Business Data Still Resides on What’s Called Unstructured Formatted Documents

Think of a Mortgage Loan package.

A variety of complex formats, layouts, page sizes and lengths.

All of which are critical to the loan process.

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Some of These Documents Can Be Inconsistent

The layout or form, and various locations of critical information in sentences, paragraphs, or randomly throughout the documents can change dramatically, making them virtually impossible for machines to understand.

Manually Extracting Unstructured Data from Documents is a Costly, Time-consuming Process That’s Also Prone to Errors

This can adversely affect productivity and customer service especially when a company relies on the hundreds of thousands or even millions of these documents to do business.

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In Many Cases Due to the Complexity of the Documents, Manual Data Entry Has Been the Best Solution to Capture this Data

Axis AI, a superior solution for data extraction, offers a far better choice with a revolutionary platform for extracting information from complex documents and unstructured content.

The System Works by Taking Sample Documents or Truth Data and Training AI What These Documents and the Important Data Indexes Look Like, Just as you Would Train a Human

Using patent pending, proprietary algorithms, including those used to perform Natural Language Processing (NLP), Axis AI reads, understands and extracts data from sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages written in natural English.

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The result is Unparalleled Data Extraction and Document Classification, that minimizes or eliminates time-consuming and expensive manual re-keying processes and far exceeding the results obtained from competing systems, which are typically complex, cost-prohibitive, and ineffective.

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