Energy, Utilities, Oil and Gas Industries Solutions

At Axis we deliver solutions for more effective document management to the Energy / Oil and Gas markets. Services and solutions from Axis can help with a vast area of ECM challenges presented by the industry dealing with information related to plants, rigs, pipelines, land management, production activities.

With the Oil & Gas segment, you have records management and digital conversion services for active and historical drilling, production and land management well records. Specific to the utility segment of energy you also have customer account openings and payment solutions plus range of administrative tasks like contract management and back office operations.

Areas of Implementation

Creation and control of Property Titles and Land Management services.
Efficiently address reporting requirements

Document Intensive Processes

Axis has tackled many of the challenges pertinent to the paper intensive processes inherent to this industry.  In today’s highly regulated industry, you would be challenged to find an industry burden with more documentation.

As a sampling, in many cases they have to deal with the following document types: contracts, property documentation, public land records, land leases, engineering documents, land files, property titles, wells records, mineral deeds, tax forms, environmental impact reports, health and safety regulatory documents. And the list goes on. It is no surprise that these industries are moving to integrated and automated document management systems.

Large Percent of Information Resides on Paper

Unfortunately, one of the main challenges is that a large percentage of the information regarding this industry can reside in unstructured documents; documents that lack form structure, like correspondence, contracts, correspondence, deeds, and title records.

Unknown information can be buried deep within these documents, and it is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive discovering and extracting this information using manual, labor-intensive data entry.

Volume of Information

Another major challenge is the sheer volume of information that has to be manually keyed into systems from unstructured paper and electronic documents. In all too many cases typing in the same index fields into the countless number of screens.

It can be time-consuming, inefficient and in some cases next to impossible to connect and associate information from disparate and unconnected repositories common in a mature industry where regular acquisition and divestitures are common place. Legacy mainframe and midrange systems, paper documents in filing cabinets and content residing in other structured content management systems and line of business systems may need to be associated together. This is very apparent in these type of operations where remote offices and sites rarely process everything onsite; they have to collaborate with other remote offices and the organization’s headquarters.

And then there’s the challenge of these documents and data existing electronically but on old cumbersome legacy hardware and software that is reaching its end of life in both service and support from the original vendors.

As an example, Axis provided strategy, development expertise and project methodology in the conversion of a legacy mainframe application holding more than one billion real estate transaction records in more than 500 U.S. counties to a distributed server environment using the state of the art Microsoft framework.

Compliance and Governance

The energy market is also highly regulated. There are an enormous number of regulations they have to follow including safety and health oversight documentation, environmental impact, governance, and compliance plus massive risk management concerns. Due to these regulations there needs to be careful planning, tight communication and high levels of systems integration to coordinate deliverables from multiple contractor sources and produce auditable records.

Client Benefits

Our clients have realized a range of positive outcomes such as increased customer and employee satisfaction from quicker and more accurate access to client information. Axis is the authority for breaking down the silos typical to such operations. With more seamless access to content at the click of a mouse vs. hunting information from filing cabinets, our clients can spend time focusing on the customer, and less time wasted trying to find information.

Back Office Operations

Moreover, let’s not overlook the back office operations that have always benefited from more robust ECM solutions. Areas such as accounting see improvements of fewer errors from human data entry, all with higher quality while yet still reducing the cost of operations. All of this while helping adhere to records management, governance, security, disaster recovery, compliance requirements and best practices.

Software and Services Solutions

Beyond these particular situations, Axis services and software solutions address the full spectrum of proven methods to address the countless challenges faced by the real estate market. With over 12 years of experience, Axis has offered its customers a range of solutions to address their individual and unique environments. Areas tackled included software system integration, document imaging and ECM implementations, advanced data extraction, workflow/bpm process improvement, electronic signature and data mining to name a few.

Solution Overview
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