Healthcare, Clinics, Labs, Dental Services Industry Solutions

At Axis we support a variety of Healthcare solutions for markets such as clinics, labs, dental offices and other medical operations. Addressing a variety of implementations for patient care, administration, insurance, and clinical trials.

Within these operations of Healthcare Information Systems (HIM), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) we have improved processes that involve procedures like patient documentation including applications, medical history, insurance information and verification of coverage. Administration support including claims, accounting, human resources, legal and contract management have also been implemented.

Areas of Implementation

Creation and management of Insurance, EOBs, policies and other insurance services.
Administration support including accounting, human resources, legal and policy management can also be implemented.
We can help in many areas of healthcare insurance including HCFA and EOB form processing

Document Intensive Processes

Axis has tackled many of the challenges pertinent to the document intensive procedures inherent healthcare information management. For example, one of the main challenges is that up to 60% of information regarding clients can reside in unstructured documents.

Unknown information can be buried deep within these documents and it’s time consuming, error prone and expensive discovering and extracting this information using manual, labor intensive data entry.

Large Percent of Information Resides on Paper

It can be time-consuming, inefficient and in some cases next to impossible to connect and associate information from disparate and un-connected repositories including legacy mainframe and midrange systems, paper documents in filing cabinets and content residing in other structured content management systems and EMR systems.

Data Sheet

Healthcare Data Sheet

Clients have realized a range of positive outcomes such as increased patient satisfaction from faster and more accurate access to client information; breaking down the silos common to such operations. With more seamless access to content at the click of a mouse vs hunting information from filing cabinets, healthcare clients can spend time focusing on the customer and less time wasted trying to find information.

Solution Overview
Business Benefits